GSL are currently available to carry out high resolution Mini Land seismic surveys. These surveys are ideal for site assessment surveys in congested areas or in cities.

Added Value of using City Seismic Technology


Can acquire approximately 15 – 20% more data within the same budget

Operations & Data Quality

  • Higher fold coverage therefore higher quality data
  • Signal to Noise ratio dramatically improved
  • Refraction and Reflection data “Both” are recorded.
  • Data recording is continuous throughout the day, meaning reflected and or refracted shot can be extracted with ease
  • Bad shots can be rejected
  • Additional shots can be added
  • More operational flexibility, i.e. can reposition lines to adapt to a dynamic condition.

Environment, Health, Safety, Security and Quality

  • No need for Explosive (hazard removed)
  • Drilling shot holes eliminated
  • Damage to water table eliminated
  • Security requirement no longer required
  • No explosive license required
  • No need for mass labor
  • Less man hours means less exposure to hazards
  • Less time required to complete the work.

Social impact Actual & Perceived is thus minimized

  • Less visible operation
  • Lower profile to 3rd parties including organization such as NGO
  • Less disruption to local environment
  • Reduced social turbulence and possible resulting disruption


Data example using 50kgs accelerate weight drop recording data to 800 meters depth. (Using our 250 kgs accelerated weight drop GSL has recorded data down to 3,000 meters in optimum conditions)



Data example for Pipeline Detection survey

iSeis Sigma Setup Diagram  Land Seismic Survey Line Layout Diagram