TZ (Transition Zone) SEISMIC – (Wireless system)

GSL are currently available to carry out high resolution Mini TZ seismic surveys.

Added Value of using City Seismic Technology


Can acquire approximately 50% more data within the smaller budget

Operations & Data Quality

  • Higher fold coverage therefore higher quality data
  • Signal to Noise ratio dramatically improved
  • Refraction and Reflection data “Both” are recorded.
  • Data recording is continuous throughout the day, meaning reflected and or refracted shot can be extracted with ease
  • Bad shots can be rejected
  • Additional shots can be added
  • More operational flexibility, i.e. can reposition lines to adapt to a dynamic condition.

Environment, Health, Safety, Security and Quality

  • No need for Explosive (hazard removed)
  • Drilling shot holes eliminated
  • Damage to water table eliminated
  • Security requirement no longer required
  • No explosive license required
  • No need for mass labor
  • Less man hours means less exposure to hazards
  • Less time required to complete the work.

Social impact Actual & Perceived is thus minimized

  • Less visible operation
  • Lower profile to 3rd parties including organization such as NGO
  • Less disruption to local environment
  • Reduced social turbulence and possible resulting disruption

Data example merging Marine, TZ & Land Data over granite using 40 cubic inches airgun, where GSL recorded data down to 3,000 meters in these optimum conditions.