Company Profile

GSL is an independent Geophysical Company based in Singapore, established by Andy Cunningham, providing Geophysical Project Management Services and conducting non exclusive surveys, to the oil & gas industry in the Asia pacific Region since the beginning of 2008. Prior to this, the principals worked for major geophysical exploration companies in senior technical and senior managerial roles, with successfully executed projects in Australia, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mediterranean and Myanmar.

GSL comprises a team of geophysical professionals, some are permanent staff employees, and others are long term consultants.

This allows us to keep our overheads in check and enable us to deliver a dynamic, flexible and responsive service to our clients.

As geophysical project managers, we have a depth of expertise to provide services that can be tailored to the detailed needs of our clients.

The principal members of the management team each have close to 30 years experience each in geophysical operations and management, gained with the largest international geophysical operators working worldwide.

GSL has already become a sector innovator, providing cost-effective world-class Seismic acquisition and processing technologies to the industry in this region.

We combine this experience with those of our staff and long-term associate consultants who add a considerable wealth of onsite and office-based operations supervision.


Systematic and Sensibly Innovative

Our expertise lies in the application of fit for purpose technologies, processes and seismic techniques to optimally explore and appraise hydrocarbon reserves and manage Geophysical work solutions effectively. Each project is individually assessed, and appropriate learning points from past projects are applied. We apply a rigorous technical, safety, and environmental process to each project, working closely with regulatory bodies to ensure complete compliance with all regulatory requirements. Industry Standards are also adhered to.

The general philosophy underlying our approach to conducting oil and gas seismic exploration operations is summarized as follows:

  • All operations shall comply with the GSL and Client HS&E policies.
  • Time and resources will not be wasted whilst attempting to ‘reinvent the wheel’. At all times we strive to profit from the experience of others. The involvement of all members of the operations group is essential in providing a solution to the “extraordinary problem”. Our previous experience and also that of other operators and service companies will be considered when setting up operations in any area previously unknown to our Clients.
  • OGP standards are always an integral part or our operations, except where more exacting standards can be shown to be necessary.
  • An analytical approach will be used for planning. A contingency plan will be put in place for unplanned events.
  • During a project planning phase, and in equipment and personnel utilization, the simplest technically acceptable path will always be taken.
  • The operations are managed at all times without allowing the operation itself to take charge. The objectives of the Project Plans will be focused on at all times.
  • Proper records are kept throughout, for the benefit of the Client and individuals involved and to facilitate future analysis and auditing.
  • Effective personnel management is essential. Supervisory personnel must get to know their staff and understand what drives them. It is important to have the right people in the right positions, and make sure that staffing levels are appropriate. People must be treated with respect, remembering that people are the vital ingredient in our operations.


Commitment to Deliver Value

Our goal is to provide clients with cost-effective solutions to their projects. GSL can offer innovative pricing models, ranging from simple day rate, through lump sum, to project equity. We also offer other cost effective “turn on / turn off” solutions, whereby clients can use us as their exploration department without taking on that overhead themselves. Whilst it is important to keep costs down, we also understand that the application of low-cost equipment and or services does not always result in efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Experience has proven that overall costs can be reduced through the innovative application of quality services and equipment introduced by GSL.


Management System Philosophy

GSL has developed a Geophysical Operations Management System that provides a framework for safe, efficient and consistent management of geophysical operations. This is achieved by defining the roles and responsibilities of the key positions involved in managing and executing our well engineering projects, and the operational procedures and policies relating to those activities.

The Geophysical Operations Management System assures:

  • Clear assignment of responsibilities;
  • Sound risk management and decision making;
  • Efficient and cost effective planning and operations;
  • Legislative compliance throughout all operations;
  • A systematic approach to well design and operations; and
  • Continuous improvement.

When applicable the GSL Geophysical Operations Management System can be bridged to the Client’s existing technical and HS&E management systems to provide a unified and consistent management framework.


Management System Details

The key document within GSL's Geophysical Operations Management System is the “HSEQMS Manual”. It focuses specifically on Geophysical related operations at a high level, and identifies how they are organized and how the relationship GSL between the key parties are defined. The applicable minimum operating standards are stated, representing a baseline for all activities. This manual contains the following main sections.

  • Management summary
  • Purpose
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Geophysical operations and acquisition process
  • Geophysical standards and operating guidelines



Company Structure
GSL is head-quartered in Singapore, and managed by Andy Cunningham. Many of its associated staff and consultants also reside in Singapore and Australia.

Management Team
Andy Cunningham is the Company CEO, Managing Director, Principal Adviser and Manager of GSL. Adam Ellis is the Company's Operations Manager who provides support on the field, oversees operations and maintains the survey equipment.