Technical Abilities & Services

GSL comprises a group of highly experienced oil industry professionals that can deliver the complete range of geophysical expertise, including:

  • Seismic survey acquisition and survey operations management.
  • Seismic processing management.
  • Data Interpretation and geological integration.
  • Technical consultants for the design and implementation of geophysical equipment and consultants for construction of seismic vessels.
  • HSEQ advice and services including Incident Investigation, Performance monitoring and benchmarking
  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response training courses
  • Media Management courses
  • Seismic Appreciation Course for new employees
  • HSE Management for all tiers of management. Typically training shall be 1 on 1 for the Company President, 2 on 1 for VPs, 4 on 1 for Operations Managers.

We are able to provide solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.

Evaluation and Feasibility Studies based on Multi Client new or reprocessed surveys

GSL can assist clients by providing Geophysical consultants to assist with the evaluation of existing or new acreage. GSL also provides newly acquired multi client seismic data, or reprocessing of vintage data to allow for acreage evaluation enabling prior to bidding on open blocks, or farming into currently leased blocks.

Development of Management Systems

GSL has extensive experience with the development of geophysical operations management systems and can assist our Clients with implementing such systems either as an entire system or as part of a standalone system for specific projects.

Survey Planning and Execution

Survey Planning and Execution are part of our core business. GSL provides clients with complete management and operations teams that take full responsibility for the design and delivery of geophysical services.

Audits, Peer Reviews and Benchmarking

GSL provides experienced geophysical personnel to assist in HSE&Q audits and benchmarking exercises. Such projects can be carried out internally within an oil company or from an external premise, to ensure that the work is being carried out in a safe, effective and cost efficient manner.

Incident Investigation

GSL can assist clients with incident investigations of unplanned events determine all relevant learning points from such incidents.

Commercial Support

GSL can assist clients with geophysical related commercial evaluations, be it assessment of future geophysical requirements related to oilfield acquisitions and or farming, new equipment and capital.