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Written on 22/04/2020, 11:24 by GSL
[Note: This is an update to the previous latest news post.] The Government of Singapore made a televised announcement yesterday (21/04/2020) at 17:00 hrs (+08:00 GMT), declaring the extension of the "Circuit Breaker" social distancing measure period by another four weeks. The temporary social distancing measures and closure of non-essential services was originally planned to be lifted on the 4th May...
Written on 07/04/2020, 11:24 by GSL
Due to the current worldwide coronavirus pandemic situation, Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd office in Singapore is currently taking temporary measures to maximize social distancing and will be closed from 07 April 2020 to 04 May 2020, in accordance to Singapore Government law, effective immediately. However, our staff have adopted the work from home approach and continue to diligently respond to...
Written on 04/09/2019, 11:24 by GSL
GSL was tasked with carrying out a 2D marine seismic reflection survey at the Johor Strait (a body of water that lies between the Northern sector of Singapore and the Southern sector of Johor, Malaysia) with the objective of identifying granite rock layers ahead of the planned future power cable route. Data acquisition was carried out in two parts due to...
Written on 04/09/2019, 11:00 by GSL
Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd successfully completed a 2D marine and transition zone seismic reflection survey for a client on 30th March 2019 at Shell Pulau Bukom Island, Singapore. The main objective of the seismic survey was to map the general sub-surface geology down to a target depth of 30 meters below seabed for the future sub-sea pipeline trenching and construction...
Written on 04/09/2019, 10:24 by GSL
Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd successfully completed a 3D marine seismic reflection survey for a client involved in the project for the new upcoming Tuas Terminal in Singapore. Acquisition for the marine seismic reflection survey took place in the Southern sector of the Island between 3rd December 2018 to 9th December 2018 and consisted of five zones of interest. GSL was...
Written on 04/09/2019, 10:20 by GSL
Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd was tasked with identifying subsurface anomalies at a target depth of 200 meters for the upcoming Thomson-East Coast MRT Lines at Marine Parade, Singapore. GSL was able to complete the survey on the 12th December 2017 amongst heavy pedestrian and traffic conditions by utilizing our state of the art “City Seismic” technology and GSL’s non-destructive Portable...
Written on 14/09/2017, 11:30 by GSL
The focus of the single day OpendTect-PRO course will be about learning how-to use the software. The course covers basic interaction and seismic interpretation in OpendTect, primarily the open source part of the system. During the introduction course, you will learn: Basic concepts of OpendTect, visualization and manipulation Setting up a survey from scratch The attribute editor and on-the-fly testing of parameters Mapping horizons and...
Written on 11/05/2016, 13:31 by GSL
Available now for purchase from Geophysical Services Singapore. i-Seis Sigma Battery Box charging strips with twelve charging connector ports. Item is supplied with screw on protective dust caps for all twelve charging connector ports and cable with +/- contact rings. The charging strips have been tested at GSL with twelve, 12 v 22 Ah batteries connected to the charging strip and...
Written on 10/05/2016, 17:38 by GSL
Seismic Hammer / Trigger Switches are now available for purchase from Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd. Each hammer switch comes with the option of having insulated wires without connectors at the end or with water-proof connectors (shown in the picture). Please visit our "For Sale" page for more information.    
Written on 11/04/2016, 11:45 by GSL
21st March 2016; Geophysical Services adds additional data to their rapidly expanding Singapore Multi-Client seismic database. GSL have successfully completed another High Resolution 2D “MULTI-CLIENT” survey along the southern coast of Singapore in the Marina Bay area. This survey area was acquired on reclaimed land. Data acquisition took six days, and was carried out by utilizing a GISCO-Geo ESS 500 Accelerated Weight Drop...
Written on 11/04/2016, 10:22 by GSL
On the 18th March 2016, Geophysical Services completed another in its successful series of High Resolution 3D “City Seismic” surveys in Singapore. The client is a renowned global engineering company, responsible for the construction of parts of the new Thomson Line MRT. The seismic survey was carried out along Upper Thomson Road utilizing our i-Seis SIGMA data acquisition system in...
Written on 04/02/2016, 15:10 by GSL
Geophysical Services Singapore is currently re-processing their library of 2D Land Seismic data from the successful SGMC 2014 - Railway Line Seismic Survey that was acquired in 2014 along the stretch of land known as the Green Corridor (former KTM Railway line). Our objective is to produce a super high resolution seismic section by utilizing a higher frequency and making the...
Written on 03/02/2016, 18:10 by GSL
Geophysical Services Singapore now has a library of more than 500 Kilometers worth of propriety seismic survey line data. This constitutes Singapore's largest resource in high resolution 2D land and marine seismic data that is currently available for licensing.   Areas include: The Green Corridor (Land) Tuas Spit Land Fill (Land) Eastern Sector of Singapore (Marine) Geophysical Services Singapore aims to be the preferred supplier of high...
Written on 31/01/2016, 15:10 by GSL
Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd recently upgraded its fleet of Electronic Seismic Source 500 Accelerated Weight Drops (ESS 500 AWD) for improved efficiency, safety and handling. The latest models are titled ESS 500-GR1. Geophysical Services Singapore continues to strive in its effort to raise the bar in safety,minimal environmental impact and work efficiency.        
Written on 08/01/2016, 15:10 by GSL
Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd successfully finished a multi-client high resolution 2D marine seismic survey around the Eastern sector of Singapore from the 2nd November 2015 to the 4th November 2015. The marine seismic survey emphasises our company's diverse range of capabilities, be it on land, within the bustling urban jungle or at sea.      (Image Credit [left]: Sean Daniels, TT Surveys Ltd)     
Written on 08/01/2016, 11:10 by GSL
Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd completed a high resolution 2D city seismic survey in Singapore along Kranji Road on the 8th November 2015 by utilizing Seismic Source Company's iSeis SIGMA system and GISCO Geo's Electronic Seismic Source 100 Accelerated Weight Drop mounted onto a specialised cart. The single 2D line comprised of 157 metres of active channels with a target depth...
Written on 27/04/2015, 11:25 by GSSL
GSL is proud to announce that we have recently been featured in SEAPEX PRESS Magazine No. 77 Volume 17, Issue 4 and No. 79 Volume 18, Issue 1. Both articles go into detail about our past operations, the acquisition methods and preview of some of the processed data that was gathered. Magazine No. 77 Volume 17, Issue 4: "First Ever Multi...
Written on 24/02/2015, 11:10 by GSL
Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd completed various high resolution 3D and 2D city seismic surveys in Singapore on the 5th February 2015 at numerous locations of the island using Seismic Source Company's iSeis SIGMA system and GISCO Geo's Electronic Seismic Source 100 Accelerated Weight Drop mounted on a specialised cart. The surveys were conducted in sensitive public areas while adhering to...
Written on 26/05/2014, 18:30 by GSSL
GSSL completed its first multi-client 2D Land Seismic Survey in Singapore spanning roughly 21.2 kilometers. Data was acquired by deploying Seismic Source's wireless iSeis Sigma system along with Gisco Geo's Accelerated Weight Drop (Electronic Seismic Source 500).                
Written on 11/04/2014, 22:22 by Adam Ellis
Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd shall commence with its first ever multi-client land seismic survey in Singapore. Through our high definition land seismic data acquisition methods, the goal is to map out the geology of land spanning across the rail corridor between the former Tanjong Pagar KTM Railway Station and Woodlands. GSSL plans to deploy up to 4000m of iSeis' wireless...
Written on 11/04/2014, 11:10 by GSSL
Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd's inventory of land and transition zone seismic data acquistion equipment continues to expand with the latest addition of 3000 meters of geophone strings and 200 channels of SIGMA boxes to its existing supply for the iSeis Sigma system. GSSL now has the capability of deploying up to 9000 meters of active cable length anywhere in Singapore. Geophysical...
Written on 01/04/2014, 15:55 by GSSL
GSSL and GiscoGeo of Minneapolis, USA, have signed an agreement to purchase a third ESS 500 Accelerated Weight Drop which is expected to arrive in 60 days. With this new acquistion in GSL's inventory of wireless seismic data recording equipment, totalling to 4 Accelerated Weight Drops which are utilized alongside the iSeis SIGMA seismic recording system. Together they are used for...
Written on 13/03/2014, 23:03 by GSSL
GSL has placed an order for 2 full “iSeis Wireless” Land Seismic data acquisition systems, each comprising of minimum 402 seismic channels, which are to be assigned to service the UK CBM exploration and development market. GSL plans to establish a UK Office and Operation. This will include the establishment of 2 new UK based land seismic crews to acquire wireless...
Written on 13/03/2014, 23:03 by GSSL
GSL completed 105 kilometers of 2D Land Seismic survey in Indonesia for undisclosed International clients. The survey was carried out using GSL's iSeis wireless technology in conjunction with a GiscoGeo ESS 500 Accelerated Weight Drop (AWD) source. The survey was safely completed ahead of schedule and on budget, with high quality data being acquired.            
Written on 02/08/2013, 22:47 by Andy Cunningham
GSSL completes first ever 'Land 3D Seismic Survey' conducted in down-town Singapore.   Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed Singapore’s first ever 3D Land seismic survey in the "downtown" area of the City State, marking a major advance forward for GSSL's “City Seismic” technology. The survey was acquired in an environmentally sensitive public area, with no...
Written on 21/03/2013, 14:40 by Andy Cunningham
GSL completed a “Nuclear Power Plant” geophysical site assessment survey for the Government of Indonesia. This comprised of Marine, Transition Zone and Land seismic acquisition surveys in Environmentally sensitive areas. The seismic cable length was 3000 meters and data was acquired using a 1,000 kilograms equivalent weight drop seismic source. The project was completed ahead of time, under budget, and with Zero...
Written on 21/03/2013, 14:38 by Andy Cunningham
This survey was acquired using 180 seismic geophone channels of 6.25 meters interval, and allowed us to acquire Data to a depth of 500 Meters with data collected to 480 full fold coverage. Data was acquired using a 50 kilogram accelerated weight drop seismic source. The survey was acquired with Zero LTI and to the clients’ full satisfaction. The high definition survey...
Written on 21/03/2013, 14:36 by Andy Cunningham
This survey was acquired with 90 seismic channels each 33.3 centimeters apart. The data resolution resulting from 225 full fold coverage allowed us to identify pipelines to within 10 centimeters of the known depth as well as other anomalies and utilities. Noise from traffic and other external sources was eliminated by means of GSL “Super Stacking” technique applied to the data...
Written on 21/03/2013, 14:35 by Andy Cunningham
GSL are pleased to announce that Vibration Tests conducted on our seismic source system showed that the resulting vibration fell well within the government regulated 30 millimeters / second requirement when using our shallow seismic source. When applying the same source using more energy for deeper seismic targets the resulting vibration data was only 25% of that of an equivalent explosive...