GSL using Sigma i-Seis

GSL uses i-Seis wireless configuration to build their seismic cable.

  • 1 to 3 Channels or 3C Sensor
  • GPS (or VHF) Clock control
  • Built-in MRN for Unit Configuration, Recording Status and Power Control

Layout Options

  • Autonomous Operation using Internal Storage
  • Mesh Radio Network option for “Real-Time” status, Command and Control
  • Ethernet (Wi-Fi or Cable) Option for “Real-Time” Data Return
  • USB External Storage for Fast Data Collection
  • Sigma Float for Transition Zone jobs. Contains Sigma, Wi-Fi and Battery
  • Unlimited Cable Length
  • Unlimited Group Interval
  • Unlimited Group Length
  • Unlimited number of groups
  • 0.25 milliseconds fidelity
  • 24 Hours continuous recording
  • Wireless data transmission capability
  • Unique IP address for every unit
  • Can transmit data directly into main office real-time
  • Blind shooting capability
  • Works with any seismic source
  • Micro Seismic capability

Sigma brochure 2011