Equipment For Sale

GSL has a database of seismic equipment that is currently available on the market. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of our items or ready to place an order.


GSL Piezoelectric Hammer Switches and Hydrophones

Durable, rugged and waterproof, ideal for harsh conditions.

For pricing and more details please contact us!.

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  • gsl_PiezoelectricHSHydrophone_02
  • gsl_PiezoelectricHSHydrophone_03

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GSL Marine Seismic Tail Buoy

Light weight stainless steel tail buoy ideal for small marine seismic surveys. Floats are included with each purchase.

For details please contact GSL.

  • GSL Marine Tail Buoy
  • GSL Marine Tail Buoy
  • GSL Marine Tail Buoy
  • GSL Marine Tail Buoy
  • GSL Marine Tail Buoy

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GSL Downhole Cable/Marine Seismic Streamer

Thirty analogue/digital channels equipped with Teledyne T1 hydrophone sensors and constructed in-house. Ideal for downhole or marine seismic surveys.

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Seismic Hammer / Trigger Switches

Available now at US$50.00 each, discount with bulk orders.

Available with water-proof connector cables or wires with out connectors.

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  • gsl_seismic_hammer_trigger_switch_switches_02_Rev02_1280x720
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  • gsl_seismic_hammer_trigger_switch_switches_07
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  • gsl_seismic_hammer_trigger_switch_switches_09
  • gsl_seismic_hammer_trigger_switch_switches_10

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i-Seis Sigma Battery Box Charging Strips

The GSL charging strips are able to charge up to twelve Sigma Battery Boxes concurrently in one go and are extremely low maintenance. Each charging port comes with a protective screw-on dust cap to keep out unwanted dust, sand, dirt or other undesirable particles from getting inside. Each charging port is sturdy and secure, ensuring zero chances for short circuits occurring accidentally while you screw in a Sigma Battery Box. Charging strips can be operated in any orientation and the current model only accommodates charging ports on one side. Each charging strip also comes with a mounting hole, giving you the flexibility to place them on walls or suspended them off the ground.

Available now at US$500.00 per strip.

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  • gsl_batterychargingstrips_03
  • gsl_batterychargingstrips_04

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Geophone Spike / Bolt Removal Tool

In an endeavour to minimise delays in production time during seismic surveys, our crew took to the drawing board and analysed various solutions for improving the design of the vise grip tool to suit our land seismic needs. The result is a custom-made tool which is able to loosen/tighten geophone spikes or bolts quickly with ease.

Available now at US$250.00

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For details please contact GSL.