Data Tape Transcription

Data stored on magnetic media will eventually suffer degradation over time. Detrioration of the magnetic coating or disintegration of the physical tape can result in loss of valuable data. As technology brings new, more reliable media storage types, it is often beneficial to migrate the vintage data from its original form of hardware on to newer more reliable storage media. This can significantly reduce storage costs, as well as safe-guarding your valuable data assets into the future. New media forms have increased capacities, faster data read/write speeds, superior power and heat efficiency, smaller size, enhanced security features, improved ease of use and increased life expectancy.

Geophysical Services Singapore provide transcription and re-mastering of seismic data from legacy tape media to the latest modern day industry-standards. During the transcribing or remastering process our team will conduct quality checks to ensure that discrepancies are identified and investigated, thus assuring data integrity upon delivery.