GSL Acquires 2D Marine Seismic Reflection Data at The Johor Strait

GSL hydrophone streamer and HMS Bubble Gun acoustic energy source deployed during data acquisition at the seas on the northern end of Singapore.

GSL was tasked with carrying out a 2D marine seismic reflection survey at the Johor Strait (a body of water that lies between the Northern sector of Singapore and the Southern sector of Johor, Malaysia) with the objective of identifying granite rock layers ahead of the planned future power cable route.

Data acquisition was carried out in two parts due to the international border, the Singapore waters and the Malaysia waters; with a target depth of 20 meters below seabed for both sides of the survey.

Potential hazards during the survey consisted of fishing boats, vertical injector dredging barge, muscle farms, fish farms, buoys, an assortment of floating debris, driftwood and ferry boats.

Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd successfully completed the 2D marine seismic reflection survey for the Singapore waters on the 2nd June 2019, followed by the Malaysia waters on the 17th June 2019. In total, GSL acquired data with a combined length of 12,234 meters altogether; 9,479 meters for the Singapore waters and 2,755 meters for the Malaysia waters respectively.