GSL Completes 2D Marine and TZ Seismic Reflection Survey at Shell Pulau Bukom Island, Singapore

GSL hydrophone streamer and HMS Bubble Gun acoustic energy source deployed during data acquisition at the seas on the southern end of Pulau Bukom, Singapore.

Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd successfully completed a 2D marine and transition zone seismic reflection survey for a client on 30th March 2019 at Shell Pulau Bukom Island, Singapore.

The main objective of the seismic survey was to map the general sub-surface geology down to a target depth of 30 meters below seabed for the future sub-sea pipeline trenching and construction works. The acquired data was also able to provide the client with enough information to aid with the planning of ideal/optimal areas of interest for their borehole rigs.

Acquisition for the marine and TZ seismic reflection survey took place at the Southern sector of the Island and the total acquired data spanned a combined length of 29.480 kilometres.