Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd Multi-Client Database Announcement:

Sample Seismic Data Slice from Singapore.

Geophysical Services Singapore now has a library of more than 500 Kilometers worth of propriety seismic survey line data.

This constitutes Singapore's largest resource in high resolution 2D land and marine seismic data that is currently available for licensing.


Areas include:

  1. The Green Corridor (Land)
  2. Tuas Spit Land Fill (Land)
  3. Eastern Sector of Singapore (Marine)

Geophysical Services Singapore aims to be the preferred supplier of high quality multi-client seismic data, equipping our clients with the necessary assets to discover new possibilities or provide valuable insight.

We believe our library of data will play a crucial role in Singapore's Geotechnical Industry and the growth of the country's infrastructure.

Interested parties may contact us to arrange data viewing and licensing options.




Sample Seismic Data from Singapore.