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AWD ESS 100 in action near a residential area in Singapore.

Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd completed various high resolution 3D and 2D city seismic surveys in Singapore on the 5th February 2015 at numerous locations of the island using Seismic Source Company's iSeis SIGMA system and GISCO Geo's Electronic Seismic Source 100 Accelerated Weight Drop mounted on a specialised cart.

The surveys were conducted in sensitive public areas while adhering to the highest safety and work standards with minimal impact to the environment. Where borehole drilling deployment could have taken months, GSSL were able to map an area 300 meters by 100 meters within 3 days, producing high resolution seismic data sections of the highest quality. City Seismic, GSSL methodology, allows for the acquisition of seismic data in a city environment. Acquired data can be stacked into 2D cross sections or 3D cubes, giving the end user a 3D perspective of the subterranean Geology in the area of interest. The survey was made possible by the introduction of the latest 3D seismic data acquisition technology using a wireless seismic data recording system. GSSL used Quantum GeoServices to process the data. The survey was acquired with super high-resolution specifications, allowing the area of interest to be mapped in great detail, including a detailed profile of the bedrock, faults and fractures. Identification of such geological anomalies is one of the key critical components required by our client for the safe and efficient process of their work. The survey brings to Singapore a change in the building and construction methods being employed here and allows companies to meet the technical and timing challenges of the industry. City Seismic can be used for Construction, Geotechnical, Fault Location, Pipe Location, Water Table, Oil and Gas, research and infrastructure mapping.



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