New Geology of Singapore Sub-Surface Study (Phase 1)


Multi-Client Seismic Data
Railway Survey

The Green Corridor, previously known as the KTM Railway. The survey spans 21.2 km of the former railway track, measuring between 0 - 2000 meters depth. Read more


Multi-Client Seismic Data
Singapore Marine Survey

Covering the entire Singapore Eastern offshore sector up to International waters and the Malaysian border. Target Depth: 0 -1000 meters. Read more


Multi-Client Seismic Data
Singapore Marina Bay Survey

Marina Bay Land Seismic Survey - running from the sandy coast of Fort Road to the Cruise Centre at Marina South. Target Depth: 0 - 500 meters. Read more.


Multi-Client Seismic Data
Singapore Amber Road Survey

Spread across roughly 2 km of land from Tanjong Rhu Road to Amber Road, possibly the highest resolution Land City Seismic Surveys conducted in the world! Target Depth: 0 - 50 meters. Read more.

GSL Land Seismic Presentation

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[Note: This is an update to the previous latest news post.] The Government of Singapore made a televised announcement yesterday (21/04/2020) at 17:00 hrs (+08:00 GMT), declaring the extension of...
Due to the current worldwide coronavirus pandemic situation, Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd office in Singapore is currently taking temporary measures to maximize social distancing and will be...
GSL was tasked with carrying out a 2D marine seismic reflection survey at the Johor Strait (a body of water that lies between the Northern sector of Singapore and the Southern sector of Johor,...
Geophysical Services Singapore Pte Ltd successfully completed a 2D marine and transition zone seismic reflection survey for a client on 30th March 2019 at Shell Pulau Bukom Island, Singapore. The...